The Buena Vista ISD provides a comprehensive breakfast and lunch program in the school cafeteria. Students may also bring lunches from home; however, students may not bring in food from convenience stores or other establishments for sharing with other students

The cafeteria uses a point-of-sale system. Students are assigned an ID number to enter when making purchases and should keep this ID number confidential.

The cafeteria will be open from 7:30 – 7:50 a.m. for Elementary(PK-6) breakfast & open for  Secondary (7-12) breakfast from 8:48-9:03 a.m.   A cafeteria monitor will be on duty. All students must eat their food in the cafeteria or commons area. No food or drink may leave the cafeteria.


The purpose of the cafeteria is to give students the opportunity to eat in an appropriate atmosphere. In addition to the general expectations for student behavior in school, the following rules are in effect during lunchtime:

  • Lunch lines will be single file and “budging” is not permitted.

  • Students must eat their food in the cafeteria, no student or food may leave the cafeteria 

  • Throwing food is a serious offense and violations will result in disciplinary consequences.

  • Students must clear their trash and take their trays to the dishwasher window when they have finished eating. This will prevent trash and trays from piling up at the end of lunch.

  • Additional rules to ensure order in the cafeteria will be provided to students as appropriate.

  • No outside food may be brought into the building during lunch (delivery, etc) for sharing with  any other student.

  • Disciplinary action for not complying with these guidelines will result in consequences as outlined in the disciplinary section.


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